Custom Closet Products | Atlanta GA

Custom Closets Atlanta GAIt seems that no matter how big your closet is, you still run out of room. Opening the closet door becomes a hazard because of all the items that are spilling out of the doors. It is time to customize your closet to gain control of your wardrobe once again using our custom closets in the Atlanta GA area.

Color Options

We offer our clients a range of color options when it comes to our customized closet solutions and products. With many available colors to choose from, the color combinations are nearly endless. 

Professional Designers

To make sure that you are getting the most out of your space we use the best professional designers. Our team of specialized professionals for custom closets are able to create unique spaces that will handle all of your storage needs with flair. Our design team is ready to create your newly organized closet area. Based in Buford GA, our professionals are proudly serving the Atlanta GA area for all their custom closets needs.

Clean Installation

When it comes to getting the job done we do it correct, efficiently, and on time. Our highly skilled installers complete their work without leaving a mess for you to clean up. Any issues with construction are dealt with, causing minimal disturbance to the surrounding areas or other rooms. We respect your space and your privacy. 

Affordable Prices

Our services are fast and affordable. Using a skilled team of installers, the cost of the time involved on the project will be minimal. Our products are of the highest quality and low prices so that they are affordable and will last a long time into the future. 

Garage Solutions

We offer countless storage solutions when it comes to customized closets. Custom Closet Products solutions allow you to put a drawer, closed cabinet, or other storage solution in any place that you wish. You are not held to the manufacturer's design of the closet storage and you can add any type of storage solution you want.


We offer a range of designs and finishes such as oil rubbed bronze, polished chrome, satin nickel, polished brass, and classic white. Each of these individual finishes adds a certain look and feel to the finished custom closet. For more modern designed homes, the bronze finish gives the feel of rich elegance. Chrome finishes give a contemporary and clean look to your custom closets in Atlanta GA. The polished brass option gives the sturdy finish an ambiance of elegance. For an industrial luxurious look, the satin nickel accessories will do the job.


The accessories that we offer our customers are available for use in any customization closet project. We offer tie racks, belt racks, wire baskets, shelving units, scarf racks, valet, jewelry trays, or pull out ironing boards.

When it comes to tackling your unruly closet, call on the professionals to help you get your closet under control. We offer a number of customized solutions that will get your wardrobe, storage space, office, or kitchen up off the floor and back on the rack where it belongs. Based in Buford GA, Echols Glass and Mirror is the premier company for custom closets in the Atlanta GA area.