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What is more rejuvenating than coming home after long hours of a grueling work day to a space that allows you to recharge and offer utmost comfort. The human spirit needs to feel renewed in order for us to create our best work and to have meaningful relationships with our family and friends. Your home should be a reflection of who you are. Mirrors can be a wonderful way to enlarge your space, give your home balance and light. Truly, a mirror can serve as decor or a piece of art or can create atmosphere that can range from elegant to epic. A cut out mirror can be a work of art. Our precision cut custom mirrors can add much depth to your home.

Echols Glass and Mirror is the premier company for the highest quality custom mirrors products in Buford and the Atlanta area. 

Unique Style and Finish

Custom Mirrors Products Buford and Atlanta GAIt is important to note that custom mirrors come in various levels of thickness, ranging from 1/8" to 1/4" thick. A mirror can also possess a clear or antique finish. When choosing the finish, it is important to consider the mirror in context of your room. If the room has Victorian furnishings, a mirror with an antique finish would look lovely. However, if your home is modern and has a rather sleek level of sophistication, it would make sense to opt for a mirror with a clear finish. Having said that, mixing hard and soft elements and vintage and modern pieces can produce stunning results. Do not be afraid to experiment. Your home should be unique and serve you. 

Custom Size and Shape

Custom mirror sizes and custom cuts are also available at Echols Glass and Mirror. Your space is unique. Perhaps you have a closet with a sliding door that is across from a window. You want this fitted with a mirror. A custom mirror can serve your needs and can be tailored to create the desired impact in your home.

Various Patterns and Frames Available

We offer a wide variety of patterns. You can choose between the 10 different custom antique mirror patterns or for any other style you desire. A custom mirror frame can allow a mirror to become anything from art deco to romantic. For more information on our custom mirrors products Atlanta GA, various options for your home and price estimates, give us a call today!

An Essential Tool for Interior Design

Custom Mirrors Products Buford GAA mirror has long been regarded as an essential tool for interior designers. If you wish to transform a space without buying new furniture or applying paint to walls, custom mirrors can work wonders. Perhaps you have a small bedroom and want it to feel larger and more open. If you apply a mirror along one wall, you can create the illusion of a room that is double the size. Adding a mirror can bring balance a room as well as promote a sense of openness, glamor, cleanliness, and freshness.

A strategically placed mirror can make a world of difference. Perhaps a home has a small bedroom with a window. If the mirror can be placed on the wall that is across from the window, the room will instantly feel larger and will appear to have a greater source of natural light. This can also be used to reflect a beautiful scenic view. Indeed, a mirror could reflect the clouds and make a bedroom feel absolutely dreamy. Imagine how you could view a beautiful sunset while sitting on your bed simply by gazing into the scenic reflection of a mirror, or how the colors reflected would soften the lights in your bedroom. 

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